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We created the Power Station at the request of a Customer.  With some aft stateroom boats it is near impossible to run power from the batteries to The Dinghy Butler. Our solution was to create a compact and light weight component that makes powering our system a snap!! The poly waterproof box contains a Lithium Battery, Charger, Solar panel, circuit breaker and room to store the wireless and wired remotes. Powering up the winch only requires the two wires from the Power Station to be connected to the winch. We have operated our system on Catnapped 10 full cycles continuously without recharging. Since most systems are used once or twice a day there is reserve power that the solar panel can maintain . An external plug makes using the charger simple. This component is offered as an upgrade to our standard system during fabrication and as an add-on to previously built units. 


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