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Got everything finished on Friday, works great.  I am very happy, it is a really nice product.  With the 2 straps deployed I can actually loosen the winch with no movement which is confidence building for the run down the NJ shore next week.  Thank you for all of your help.


Hi Dick,

Hope you’re well.     Just got to Aqua Yacht last night and this is the first time seeing the Dinghy Butler.    Beautiful.    Thank you.  

Thank you.  


Hi Dick,


Just wanted to pass along how much I love the Dinghy Butler.  It is so incredibly easy to use.  My wife was really impressed.  So much so she didn't even ask how much it costs!  Haha


Many thanks again.  I attached a photo.




Hi Richard,


I had bought a davit system from you last year, and it’s amazing.  We were in the process of trying to get the keepers and I think you had vacation scheduled out of the country and then I had some family issues that came up and we ended up being off the boat for a long time.  We are just now getting back on the boat and gearing up to spend the winter in the Bahamas.  I was wondering if it’s still possible to get the keepers from you?  If so, I don’t recall what the dimensions are that you needed from us?


Also, attached is a picture and video.  We could probably do a better video once we get the boat cleaned up, but we absolutely love this lift.  We are currently having a canopy put on the back of the boat, and I can’t wait to send you photos of how much space we gained because of your system, it’s amazing!





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