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For more than 50 years, Martha and I have been on the water, sailing, power boating and always bringing our dinghy along. Towing, and dragging it on the deck, or on davits, was tedious. The davits were the best system available at the time, and unfortunately, a two-person job. Hauling on the blocks and tackles, and keeping it off the swim platform was tiresome. When we were in suboptimal conditions it was challenging trying to secure the dinghy, so that it wouldn’t swing. As the years went by, it stopped being fun, and we started looking for “A BETTER WAY.”

After some time, many notes and drawings, and lying in bed at 3:00 am, working out the kinks, the first prototype of the Dinghy Butler was installed on our 38' Eastbay, Catnapped.  A boating season led us to the second generation Dinghy Butler. This modified system includes a high quality Superwinch with synthetic cable, wedges fashioned from high density polypropylene and a high quality remote control system. This system WORKS!!! It is simple to install and operate, and holds the dinghy securely.


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The Dinghy Butler offers single-handed, wireless remote operation; stability; the ability to carry our 10 foot rigid inflatable with a 15 horsepower outboard; and a quick release system.  Launching the dinghy happens with the push of a button!

Why you need The Dinghy Butler....


The Dinghy Butler is safe, secure, and easy to operate!

The Dinghy Butler is made of the highest quality materials!

The Dinghy Butler is delivered with most everything you or your installer will need for installation!

The Dinghy Butler enhances your boating experience and the value of your vessel!

The Dinghy Butler is very affordable!

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